​​​Siena Catholic Schools of Racine

The Guiding Principles for the Formation of ​a Catholic School System in Racine:

  • Together we will participate in the creation and the support of a PreK-12 Catholic School system in Racine in order to provide an education and to further the Church’s mission of evangelization and service.

  • Together we will honor the history, identity, and culture of each parish/sponsored school.

  • Together we will create an overall governance structure that upholds a distinguished academic program, engages justly with all constituencies, and models stewardship of resources.

  • Together we will plan and implement this system according to the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools striving for academic excellence and committed to the holistic development of every child.

  • Together we will try to grow the system and increase the capacity of our schools to meet students, family and community needs.