Racine Catholic Schools

 and uniqueness of each school, while maximizing the impact of collective strength. 

As a step forward in resuming this initiative, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is pleased to announce the recent selection of Dr. Therese Fellner as the Project Manager for the Racine Catholic Education K-12 System Design and Implementation assignment. Dr. Fellner is a Racine native and an alumni of Racine Catholic Schools (St. Sebastian, St. Catherine’s).  She is trained in educational leadership and policy studies, and skilled in business development and non-profit management. 

Please join Dr.Fellner and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in prayer for the continued and collaborative success of our Racine schools.

A Catholic community for Catholic education.

May 2016 - In 2010, a Racine Catholic Schools Task Force was formed and conversations began to move toward a K-12 system for Catholic Education.  Although talks have started and stopped since that time with little progress, the vision has remained constant: A regional model of Catholic education intended to preserve the individual identity, history, 

Prayer for Catholic Schools

Good and gracious God,we pray that the focus and foundation of our Catholic schools will always be the person of Jesus Christ.

May we remember that we are called to work together, as part of your universal Church, to build your kingdom in our midst.

Let each of our Catholic schools, no matter how large or how small - whether urban, suburban, or rural - be recognized by its commitment to excellence, its efforts to form the whole child, its hospitality towards all, and its intentional development as a community of faith, collaboration, trust, and love. 

Help us to view every aspect of our world through the lens of the Gospel and the teachings of our faith, and let every member of our Catholic school communities become a visible example of what it means to put faith into action.